Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

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Environmental Policy

At T.S.B. Steel, the protection and conservation of our communities and the environment is an absolute priority and one of the five core values our business is built on. As a leading producer of steel products in Thailand, serving local construction and infrastructure projects, we are steadfast in our commitment and responsibility to the environment and the communities we operate to help safeguard the environment through the implementation of sustainable development programs.

Specifically, at T.S.B. Steel we endeavor to the:
Strict compliance and implementation of regulations, working practices and laws relative to international regulatory guidelines and standards and make a concerted effort to exceed the standards required to remain compliant.

Implementation and evaluation of an Environmental Management System in order to report and manage any divergence in maintaining our environmental standards and/or achieving future targets and oversee any deviances observed during the compliance process to the Board of Directors.

Company-wide adherence to our environment management systems, following a top-down approach, championing the importance of environmental awareness in the steel industry, both locally and internationally, through clearly defined systems and responsibilities to achieve our Company Vision and push for improvements that we can convey down to our stakeholders and the community.

Management of an up to date and efficient production facility in order to reduce the impact our business may have on our environment and the implementation of more environmentally focused and progressive working practices to limit any negative effect to health and safety in the community and the environment.

The responsible use of natural resources and the disposable of any related waste products.

Limit the damage and risk to the environment through compliant recycling measures in order to reduce waste, emissions or any other hazardous materials.

Encourage and promote the plantation of new forestry, the reduction in soil erosion and the protection of wildlife and nature.

The delivery of programs to increase understanding and cooperation regarding environmental concerns, practices and systems concerning our responsibility as a whole towards environmental protection, education and change amongst our employees, contractors, suppliers and customers.