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Over 17 years of commitment and dedication, We are still ready to develop the business to grow sustainably.

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T.S.B. Steel
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Over 17 years of commitment and dedication, We are still ready to develop the business to grow sustainably.


“About Us”

Innovative Steel Production and Manufacturing

At T.S.B. Steel, we have proudly assembled a team that is highly experienced in the production of reinforcement steel and deformed bar products, supplying an extensive range of steel products and services to the construction industry in Thailand.

Our Prachinburi facility is spread over 112,000 sqm and carries a processing capacity in excess of 350,000 tons per year. Our production and manufacturing facilities are managed under strict and value driven parameters that conform to the latest and very highest of international standards.

We are proud to have built a strong reputation in supplying the Thai construction industry that has elevated and recognized T.S.B. Steel as a competitive and innovative leader at the forefront of development and the overall growth of the Thai steel industry for today, and beyond.


Our team specializes in:

  • Billet

    Steel billets from casting or rolling. rectangular cross-section Used to process Bars, Rods or seamless pipes.
  • Round Bar

    Round steel bar with smooth surface for construction or RB according to industry standards. TIS.20-2016 Quality SR24 Size RB 9
  • Deformed bar

    Sectional steel round bar for framing Build or DB according to TIS 24-2016 industrial standards, SD30-50 class.
  • Angle bar

    High quality hot rolled profile steel L-shaped cross-section for structural applications

    (Future Product)

  • Channel bar

    Hot rolled structural steel U-shaped cross-section, used in large steel structures

    (Future Product)



As growth of the steel industry in Thailand continues to evolve, so does our ability to expand and innovate in order to forge and strategize new partnerships and business opportunities in both Thai and overseas markets. In keeping with our set of core values, we are proudly committed to maintaining our industry leading standards, whilst continuing to develop both qualitative and innovative production processes that deliver excellence and are as kind to the environment as possible.

T.S.B Steel will be the premier choice in the supply of quality steel products in Thailand, leading the way in growth, defining standards and accelerating environmental development in the industry whilst making the T.S.B Steel experience exceptional (the very best) from start to finish. Your success is our promise.
At T.S.B Steel, we aspire endeavor to provide the industry and our customers with the highest levels of quality and service through precision, manufacturing excellence and commitment to our core values in order to accelerate the growth of our business and deliver sustainability that exceeds product, customer and investor expectations.
Our business is built upon strong foundations and operates diligently to deliver market leading quality through five Core Values:
1. Innovation
2. Our People
3. Exceeding Expectation (Excellence)
4. Health and Safety
5. Sustainability
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Environmental Care

T.S.B. Steel has a work system that is environmentally conscious. Develop organization and work style continuous production process Get to know T.S.B.
Our Projects

Our Projects

Taking part in being part of a larger project all of the past is the pride of our business